What is Diamond Wire Cutting and Sawing?

Diamond wire cutting is a method that allows us to cut almost any large concrete or masonry structure. It’s a the ideal tool for cutting concrete, isolating and removing reinforced concrete such as bridge sections, jetties, columns and beams. It comes in particularly useful where extremely thick or awkward shapes need to be cut.

So how does it work?

The diamond wire saw is not as complicated as it sounds. The mechanism is in the form of a diamond-beaded wire that is wrapped around the structure and guided by pulleys that are powered by a hydraulic pack.

The Set-up

To set up the wire, an experienced engineer would start by feeding the wire through a series of pulleys and take up the tension that’s suited to the operating engineers requirements.

Once in position, the wire is pulled round and rotated at 25 linear meters per second. Thus, enabling the diamond wire saw to cut the material as it’s pulled through. During which, free flowing water is used to cool and flush out any unwanted material as it’s pulled through.

Benefits of Wire Sawing

Below are several key benefits of Diamond Wire cutting that outline why it’s such a popular and useful tool throughout the deconstruction sector.

  1. It’s versatile and can be used in various environments.
  2. Flexibility in awkward or difficult spaces.
  3. Creates less waste than other methods.
  4. Cuts through masonry and reinforced concrete.
  5. Can often be more cost-effective than alternatives.
  6. Can be wrapped around almost any size or shape.
  7. The ability to cut concrete or masonry submerged in water.

See It In Action