Diamond Drilling Overview Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling is a technique used for Diamond Drilling Reinforced Concrete and Masonry using Diamond tipped cores. This technique is widely used in the construction industry to form precise holes free from vibration.

wire-sawing-overview-preview Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire cutting and diamond wire sawing is a flexible tool for masonry, reinforced concrete cutting and the cutting of metal. Highly suitable where extremely thick and/or awkward shapes may dictate.

Wall Sawing Overview Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete Wall Sawing or Track Sawing Provides an Efficient Solution for Precision Works on Concrete or Masonry. Using premium wall sawing equipment to deliver high quality, precise even cuts.

Floor Sawing Overview Concrete Floor Sawing

Concrete Floor Cutting and Concrete Saw Cutting with diesel, petrol and electric floor saws using diamond cutting blades to cut reinforced concrete up to 600mm depth.

Concrete Chasing Concrete Chasing

Providing Chases in Floors, Walls or Ceilings for Conduits, Pipework & General Trade Works. We use electric and petrol saws with attachments for dust control to protect the operatives and workers within the environment.

Robotic Demolition 1 Robotic Demolition

Brokk Demolition Machinery Provides Powerful, Versatile & Safely Controlled Robotic Demolition. Perfect for working in environments where point loadings, noise, access and toxic fumes are a challenge.

Concrete Crushing Overview Hydraulic Demolition

Handheld Hydraulic Bursting and Crunching for Controlled Demolition of Masonry and Concrete. With an almost silent technique decreasing vibration and significantly reducing HAVs (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome).

Pull Test Overview Pull Test

Pull Out Testing for anchors and various fixings in concrete and masonry. Tested by fully qualified and experienced operatives utilising equipment from the UK market leader Hydrajaws.