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Long-lasting Ironwork Reinstatement

Repairs to road ironworks are a costly and time-wasting drain on authorities, not to mention inconvenient to road users. But IKO Pacopatch offers a practical, one-time solution. Designed to reinstate failing surfaces surrounding manholes, drainage gullies and other public utilities ironworks, it uses two state-of-the-art materials, the IKO Pacopatch Brick and the IKO Pacopatch Grout, which work hand in hand to create an impermeable system made to last.

Firstly, a layer of grout is installed and then the blocks introduced with more grout to fill the voids to the top of the blocks. Dependant on the depth of the repair more layers of grout and blocks are added and then a final layer of grout with bitumen coated stones introduced and pushed into the grout to provide a high grip and wearing surface.

The blocks not only provide strength to the repair but they also absorb the heat from the grout allowing for the quick return to service. And it gets better, because this is a compaction free solution - no roller or plate compactor is required, so no damage is done to the existing ironwork. Overall the process is quick and easy to do, providing a quick return to service within 1-2 hours.

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