Wall and Floor Chasing for Pipes and Cables

Concrete Chasing Creating Floor Chases

Floor and wall chasing is often associated with mechanical & electrical trades where channels are formed within the base material to accommodate conduits and pipework. The channels known as chases are widely used throughout the construction industry as they are a quick and cost effective way of hiding the services within the fabric of the building. The chases are formed using hand held electric grinders incorporating a dust hood and a diamond cutting blade. Once the cutting has been completed then a light electric breaker would be used to remove the surplus material within the confines of the cutting to form the channel. Typical chases are generally broken down into two elements single and double i.e. 25 x 25 mm and 50 x 25 mm.

Should there be a large volume of work or the concrete is very hard i.e.30N (newton) plus then a 415v wet cutting floor saw could be used to carry out the task as this would have the extra power required to cut through the concrete, any surplus water could be vacuumed up by another as the works progressed.

Benefits of Wall and Floor Chasing

  • Dust is controlled and contained by attaching vacuum controlled equipment protecting sensitive areas or other trade people.
  • Chases in hard concrete floor slabs can be cut using 415v floor saws
  • Can provide a finer finish for decorative or aesthetic design requirements.
  • Delivers a very precise and accurate channel for cables and pipework.

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