Concrete Cutting and Floor Sawing

Concrete saw cutting is commonly used for cutting hard flat surfaces such as motorways, bridges, pavements and floor slabs, along with trenching, joints, demolitions cuts and floor chases. With our many types of floor saws we can accommodate diamond floor sawing and concrete floor cutting projects in the most challenging of environments.

Our concrete saw cutting equipment allows us to cut up to 700 mm in depth depending on the saw used. In addition the modular design on our 3-phase floor saws allows us to use them where access may be a problem - this is done by dismantling the machine into manageable parts and carrying them to their place of work.

Benefits of Concrete Saw Cutting

  1. Allows for both internal and external work.
  2. Machines are ergonomic and compact.
  3. A multitude of diverse cutting can be achieved.
  4. Useful for obtaining access to challenging environments.
  5. Electric floor saws are particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

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