Brokk Demolition Robotic Machinery

Brokk Demolition Machinery delivers a powerful, versatile and safe environment in controlled demolition of reinforced concrete and masonry, using the latest technology Brokk robots are ideal for working in environments where point loadings, noise, access, and toxic fumes are part of the construction challenge. Having a fleet of machines ranging from the Brokk 50, 90, 100, 165, and 180, all constraints can be overcome. All the Bokk machines are very versatile and come with a variety of attachments ranging from powerful percussive breakers, hydraulic crushing jaws, excavating-loading buckets, and concrete milling heads.

Our Brokk demolition robots run on electricity and are controlled remotely, making them the unique demolition tool to deliver a safe powerful demolition result. The remote operation mitigates the need for the operative to be in the demolition zone and HAV as no contact is required by the operative whilst operating the Brokk machinery.

Benefits of Robotic Demolition

  • Health and Safety concerns are easily maintained using this type of equipment.
  • No operator or supervisor is required to stand in close proximity of the working area making the demolition zone easier to control.
  • 3-phase electrical supply means no toxic fumes.
  • Using the remote control allows the operator to work at a safe distance from the demolition zone and any falling debris. No banks-man required.
  • Crunching concrete or masonry generates little to no noise; the procedure is virtually vibration free.

Additional Benefits

  • Versatility: With several easily changeable attachments and able to manoeuvre on rubber or metal tracks, our demolition machinery can cope with all terrains and can even climb stairs.
  • Compact size: The machines will access through doorways – openings ranging from 800mm-1,500mm width.
  • The percussive hammer outclasses many machines 4 times its size.
  • Hydraulic jaws can be used for crunching up to 550mm reinforced concrete.
  • Milling heads capable of planing concrete walls and floors.
  • Bucket for excavations, trenching or clearing of debris

Remote Demolition In Action