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Overview Patched & Protected

Cracks, spalls, pot holes or failed joints? Our Thin Bond repairs most types of defects in concrete pavements to any depth and width.

If your Airfield is in need of repair, we’ve got just the thing. Thin bond concrete patch repairs are a great solution for repairing damaged hard standing concrete. Should cracks or joint edges be compromised, threatening the wheels of aircraft or service vehicles alike then the super strong, patch repair system comprising of a blend of pre mixed resin polymers and aggregates can be installed and utilised within 1 hour of installation. Our repair is designed to be flexible and hardwearing due to expansion and retraction associated with fluctuating temperatures and heavy moving aircraft.

Our expert team, made up of NVQ 2 Certified Operatives and SSSTS & SMSTS Accredited Supervisors & Managers, will take care of the whole process - diamond cutting, preparing, testing, filling and finishing the area so it’s ready for takeoff.

Equipped and Qualified Repaired & Resilient

Our thin bond concrete patch repair service is carried out by our trained specialists, as specified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and British Airport Authority (BAA) as part of our on-going airfield maintenance programme.

As seasoned airport maintenance providers, Castle & Pryor know the importance of working flexibly. That’s why we operate 24/7 working, meaning we’ll always have an expert team available at a time that suits you. We’ve even invested in the latest App technology so that our dedicated, specialist staff can offer this repair service at a moment’s notice.

Fast and Flexible Service Fast & Functional

We work throughout the UK, offering our range of specialist services. Operating for 25 years now, we’re proud to be known for our customer service, quality of work, delivering projects on time, on budget and for always to the clients satisfaction.

Nationwide Service Quick & Cost Effective

We’re proud to offer our thin bond concrete patch repairs at competitive prices. Talk to us for your FREE estimate or simply some free, friendly advice.

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