Hand Held Hydraulic Bursting and Crushing

Hydraulic Crunching With 2 Operatives

Hydraulic Demolition provides an almost silent demolition technique for removing concrete and masonry into manageable lumps with minimal noise and vibration. These two methods offer an excellent solution when working on projects such as office blocks, hospitals, shopping centres and residential buildings where these constraints exist.

Hand Held Hydraulic Crunching

Operated by a two-man team, the G Clamp configuration is placed over the material to be crushed. Once positioned, the operator will activate the hydraulic ram to crush the concrete or masonry within the clamp. This crushing technique creates a non-percussive sheering action, causing the integrity of concrete to break down under the pressure. This process is repeated in bite sized increments and concrete is removed as the work proceeds.

Benefits of Hydraulic Crunching

  • Significant reduction in vibration.
  • Crunches concrete up to 300 mm thick.
  • Significantly quieter than electric or air hammers.
  • 3 phased electric makes for powerful crunching technique.
  • Operated with a two person team of trained and experienced operatives.

Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic bursting is a demolition technique that will burst reinforced or mass concrete and masonry using a non-percussive hydraulic action. Used periodically in-conjunction with diamond drilling, powerful hydraulic rams are inserted into pre-drilled holes and expanded until the material is forced apart. Once the integrity has been broken down the concrete can be removed using whatever method is applicable. Deep concrete masses and rock splitting are ideal for hydraulic bursting especially when access and noise are a concern. Our concrete bursting equipment can provide 80 tonne of pressure through its rams making it a formidable force to have when dealing with large volumes of concrete.

We can also offer you other bursting techniques for more unusual jobs including:

  • Electric handheld Darda Splitters - often used in mass concrete or masonry not exceeding 500 mm depth and where only 110v power is available.
  • Chemical bursting which provides a useful alternative method when dealing with difficult site conditions.

Benefits of Hydraulic Bursting

  • Virtually silent in process.
  • Significantly reduces hand and arm vibration.
  • Powerfully effective against deep concrete masses.
  • Works as an alternative method to noisy percussive demolition.
  • 80 tonnes of pressure delivers an exceptionally powerful solution.

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