What is Concrete Wall Cutting?

Husqvarna Track Sawing Creating a Chase

Concrete Wall Cutting or Track Sawing is a method used for cutting reinforced concrete walls and floors. It’s main power source is electricity and is largely used for isolating cuts up to a depth of 750mm in order to separate two integral structures. 

With easy to assemble components and high quality diamond blades (that give a minimum level of friction) Concrete Wall Sawing can be set up with ease almost anywhere and deliver a precise even cut free from vibration and dust.

So how does it work?

The saw blade cuts the concrete or masonry in small increments, using a series of passes until the required depth has been achieved. 

The wall sawing is over-viewed and controlled remotely by the operating engineer.

The Set-up

An experienced, highly trained operative sets up a Concrete Wall Saw by first attaching it to the surface of the concrete or masonry. Once positioned, the Wall Saw head travels along either vertically or horizontally to suit the task in hand and performs the cut.

Benefits of Wall or Track Sawing

Whether it’s an inverted, angled, flush or conventional cut our masonry and concrete Wall Saws (along with skilled operators) will accommodate most situations.

  1. Great for cutting holes in walls, doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift-shaft openings.
  2. In areas of reduced workspace, Wall Sawing can offer a viable solution.
  3. Easy to assemble components so they can be set up almost anywhere.

See It In Action