Diamond Wire Cutting and Isolation of Cast Iron Pipe at Briars Nose Pumping Station in Hedington, Oxford

Dean and Dyball


  • Cut and isolate 2 sections of cast iron water pipe.
  • Pipe 450mm in diameter.
  • Section 1 located in 3 metre deep trench.
  • Section 2 located inside enclosed pumping chamber.
  • Cutting equipment to be operated remotely.
  • All operatives to be 'Confined Spaces' certified.
  • Strict adherence to water industry safety regulations.
  • Operations to be undertaken alongside other contractors.
  • Work to be completed within a fixed 4 hour period.


  • Use of 2 hydro stress wire saws with hydraulic power packs and autonomous three phase generators.
  • Equipment tested and positioned prior to water supply being turned off.
  • Diamond wire saw operated and powered remotely.
  • Cutting equipment not affected by residual water in pipe.
  • Standby machinery available on site.

Key Benefits



  • Wire saw remotely operated negating hand and arm vibration issues.
  • Segregation between machinery operation and cutting area ensuring operators not exposed to discharging residual water.
  • Reduced noise pollution.



  • Pipe severed without water fully drained thus saving approximately 2 hours.
  • Equipment set up without having to cease pumping.
  • Immediate cutting undertaken once water pumping had ceased.
  • Completed within time frame allocated.
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