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Infrastructure/Airfield Services

January 10, 2024


Joint Sealing

Capability to seal joints in external and internal floor slabs using either cold pour polysulphide fuel resistant or hot pour bitumen based materials. Using our floor sawing capabilities, we are able to provide a full joint forming, widening and sealing service. Used alongside our AGL installation service utilising floor sawing a joint sealing capabilities, we can form, prep and seal the AGL chases in one operation.

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AGL Installation

An Aviation specific service using bespoke designed core bits, AGL seating pot jigs and siting devises, we can install AGL pots to the strict tolerance and specifications required within the aviation sector. Our trained and experienced employees can install AGL seating pots whilst working to the high standards required and return to service deadlines backed up with full quality control documentation. Using our floor sawing services we can provide a full AGL cable chase forming and sealing service.

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Thin Bond Concrete Patch/Maxi-Crete Repair

Our concrete repair specialists, using Max-Crete repair system, offer a robust solution, utilizing a flexible, polymer based material to repair most types of defects in concrete surfaces, stands, taxiways and runways. We have decades of experience and expertise ensuring that our solutions are always tailored to the unique needs of our client. Max-Crete is has a unique blend of resins, polymers and selected aggregates that extends and compresses with the expansion and contraction of the concrete surface. Used extensively in the UK and Internationally at Airports, Highways, Ports, MOD Facilities and Establishments, Distribution Centres and Car Parks.

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A long term, robust, quick return to service (1 hour) and one time solution to failed ironworks surrounds (manholes, access lids, gulleys etc). Using a combination of hot applied recycled materials providing a flexible, impermeable and long lasting repair solution.

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Diamond Drilling

Full Diamond Drilling service capable of forming holes from 6mm to 1.0m diameter using single phase, 3-phase, hydraulic or trailer rig mounted drilling equipment depending on the application. Forming holes linked together in a stitch drilled pattern can be used to form irregular or deep openings. Used alongside our AGL installation service to form bespoke apertures to accept AGL seating pots.

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Floor Sawing

Our floor sawing service provide a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to cutting reinforced concrete slabs and asphalt/concrete roads, taxiways and runways. Having both diesel and electrical powered equipment allows us to provide both and external and internal sawing service. Used alongside our sealing service we can provide a full joint forming, widening and sealing service and used alongside our AGL installation service we can provide a full AGL cable chase forming and sealing service.

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Rock Drilling

Fully automated rock drilling and percussion drilling service for forming dowel bar holes, starter bars and fixing holes. Using the latest technology equipment the operator is protected from exposure to HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) allowing full shift operating times providing efficiencies and a cost effective solution.

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Excavating around live utilities and vital services on an airfield can be a challenging and potentially hazardous task, with traditional excavation methods potentially resulting in serious damage to infrastructure. In the case of a fire or fuel mains, this could cause massive and costly disruption to an airport. However, with the use of vacuum excavation technology, Castle & Pryor is able to provide a safe and efficient solution, perfect for smaller or hazardous areas.

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Pull Testing

Our CFA (Construction Fixing Assoc) certified pull test engineers can provide pull out tests to fixings, anchors, scaffold ties, brick ties and eye bolts. Certificate of pull test results issued after test completion.

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