What Is Diamond Drilling

What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is a non-percussive process which will cut reinforced concrete or masonry using diamond tipped segments placed at the head of a rotating drill core.

The single core drill diameters come in multiple sizes and are often manufactured to suit most typical utility requirements used on today’s construction sites. Once the right sized core drill has been selected then the correct sized drill motor is attached to the mast carriage to suit the core and ergonomic environment to which it has to work in. The anchor plate and drill mast are then fixed to the substrate to be drilled in order to get a secure fixing, once established the drill motor is then fixed to the mast carriage where it can be moved up or down to suit the drilling requirement.

Diamond drilling will form singular circular holes, horizontally, vertically inverted, or angled, should you require these to be square then you would link the holes together to form a line commonly known as stitch drilling.  Diamond drilling is mainly used to facilitate utility pipes and cables, form openings for doors and windows or to isolate areas prior to demolition. The diamond drilling process is normally carried out using water to act as a cooling agent for the diamond segments which can be controlled should the environment be sensitive to water.

Small Diamond Drilling Blades
Big Diamond Drilling Blades

Benefits of Diamond Drilling