Drilling and Sawing Association Publish C&P Article

By catrina on September 23, 2014
Drilling and Sawing Association Publish Castle and Pryor
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New Uses for Diamond Drilling in the Construction Industry

By catrina on November 25, 2013
New uses for diamond core drilling in the deconstruction industry to form different sized holes and openings in concrete, brickwork and soil in this unusual case.
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Diamond Sawing At Mithras Temple

By catrina on March 12, 2012
Diamond Drilling and Diamond Sawing of London's Roman Ruins In The Temple Of Mithras
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Castle & Pryor Take To The Sky

By catrina on November 12, 2011
Brokk Demolition Using Remote Controlled Robotic Machinery To A Defunct Water Tower Up In The Sky
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Remote Wreckers

By catrina on February 25, 2009
This labour-intensive demolition technique has been the subject of increasingly stringent Health and Safety vibration legislation. Commercial pressure to make this process faster.
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