Rhinophalt: The Easiest Way Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Surface

By Mark Castle New
"The preventative maintenance that asphalt needs to have the longest possible life."
​Want to cut your repair costs and keep your asphalt surface like new, for longer? Rhinophalt® is a new treatment that’s already saving our clients money by reducing downtime and slashing their resurfacing costs. Perfect for asphalt roads, car parks, airfields and even playgrounds - our new Rhinophalt service has the potential to double the life of your surface, overnight!​

What is Rhinophalt?

Rhinophalt is a spray-applied treatment that penetrates up to 31.8mm* into asphalt to slow the oxidation of the oils in the surface and prevent bitumen loss, by creating a water-resistant seal. It also protects against weathering from UV exposure, extremes in temperature and traffic wear and tear.

*Material age, type and density specific.

Is it right for your premises?

If you want to prevent cracks and potholes before they appear, Rhinophalt is a quick and practical solution that could double the life of your surface in just one application. This means lower maintenance costs, less disruption and reduced downtime for your roads and car parks.

How does it work?

Rhinophalt penetrates the first few millimetres of the asphalt surface (up to 31.8mm depending on material age, type and density) sealing any micro-cracks and forming a protective layer that prevents water ingress, UV damage and traffic wear.

Before After Rhinophelt
Before/After Application

Here’s what’s involved in a Rhinophalt application:

  1. Preparation. We’ll start by masking any drains, induction loops or gullies before the application. You can also opt to do this yourself before the C&P team arrives.
  2. Application. Rhinophalt can be applied with a truck or towed mini-sprayer, right down to a handheld 10ltr sprayer for those tricky areas. Applying the treatment is quick and easy, so we can even treat a large car park area overnight.
  3. Curing. Rhinophalt is relatively quick-drying and in most cases, you can resume normal service after a single closure window.
  4. Line painting (optional). Because the treatment leaves a smooth, even surface, we can reapply your lines and markings right away without any additional prep. Learn more about our Paint Lining service.

Done! You’ve extended the life of your asphalt and saved a small fortune on future maintenance costs. Depending on its age, condition and level of use, we recommend treating your surface around every five years or so.

Airport At Night

When to apply Rhinophalt

If you can, it’s best to treat your surface before cracks, spalls and potholes start to form in it. Because Rhinophalt leaves a durable seal on the existing surface, it works best as a preventative measure. For example, if the life expectancy of your surface is around eight years, we’d recommend a Rhinophalt treatment around year five to prevent the need for patching.

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