Line Painting Runways

A New Lick of Line Painting for Gatwick Airport

By Mark Castle New
We’ve hit the ground running (or should that be spraying?) with our new line marking service. Last month, our line patining team was busy at one of our usual haunts - Gatwick Airport. This time, we were called in by Meads Construction Ltd to put the finishing touches to the South Terminal Baggage Hall.

What needed to be done?

The job involved a mix of:

What kit did we use?

How did we do it?

Prepping the surface

For best results, line paint needs a clean, dry surface to adhere to. That’s why we include ground prep and old marking removal in our line painting service. So the team’s first step was to prepare the concrete using the BEF 200 to remove any existing paintwork, grease and dirt. Next, we thoroughly inspected the ground and marked out the new lines, ready for painting.

Re-marking the road

Applying the new road markings was straightforward. But as with any line painting work, precision is key because inaccurate lines or accidental marks can confuse drivers and cause accidents. Even more important when it came to the emergency exit signs! Throughout the job, each line was continually inspected to ensure even coverage and paint density.

Inside the baggage hall

Painting inside the baggage hall required a bit more planning because we’d be working in close proximity to the baggage machinery, including a nest of brand new belts and scanners. We used quick-drying epoxy paint in white, yellow, green and red, mixed in a paddle mixer on a timber sheet to protect the surface - with a spill kit to hand, just in case.

To create the emergency exit signs, we rollered individual green squares at approximately 400mm x 400mm, by hand. Then used the battery-powered spray fan to apply the white arrows on top.

Line Painting Before
Line Painting After

What was the result for Gatwick?

With all the new markings in place, Gatwick’s new-look South Terminal Baggage Hall is now open for business! Looking for an expert team with the right kit for your job? We’re available 24/7 and our line painting service is perfect for any concrete or asphalt surfaces, including airfields, carparks, playgrounds and walkways. Get in touch today to request your free quote.