Our Brokk 100 Easily Climbs To Dizzy Heights in West Sussex!

By catrina on February 11, 2015 Robotic Demolition Climing Stairs

Decimating 4 flights of stairs made of re-inforced concrete is easy work for our Brokk 100, it's agile and adaptable and cleared out the stairwell outside of Crown house in Crawley, West Sussex for Whitestone properties, contracted to Crestel Partnerships.

Paul Coombs, Managing Director of Whitestone Properties states 'We are very impressed with the work that Castle & Pryor completed, it was finished on time and to budget regardless of the difficulties of the weather and the open nature of the stairwell. They overcame the challenges presented to them and we look forward to working with them on projects that may come up in the future'

Read more details in our case study...

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