Remote Wreckers

By catrina on February 25, 2009 Brokk Controlled Demolition Machine Removing Concrete Slab

This labour-intensive demolition technique has been the subject of increasingly stringent Health and Safety vibration legislation. Commercial pressure to make this process faster, cleaner and more accurate is growing too. As a result, deconstruction specialists are frequently employing remote controlled robots to undertake this highly regulated and demanding process.

Swedish company Brokk is the largest manufacturer of these unusual machines. Their demolition robots are much more than just remote controlled mini diggers. With a three-part boom and swing attachment they offer extreme dexterity allowing work to be undertaken in the tightest of spaces. They boast a hydraulic system that runs on a low flow/high pressure principle giving them enormous strength relative to their size. The robots' electric motors mean there are no emissions on site and noise pollution is minimal. They are operated remotely via a cable or digital signal ensuring hand and arm vibrations are a thing of the past. Operatives can choose where they stand relative to the machine, thus affording them a safe position, often with excellent visibility of the works.

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