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TATA Steel Iron Slag Removal

Our experience in the industrial construction sector is extensive an as such we are called upon to deliver expertise in diamond drilling, diamond cutting, diamond wire cutting, hydraulic bursting and remote demolition. We have an understanding of the technicalities found in both large and small projects and we can work comfortably with other suppliers or as a sole contractor. Our project teams are highly experienced people with exposure to a variety of different sectors including manufacturing, waste and recycling, government, defence and the automobile industry to name but a few.

In a recent case were employed at TATA Steel Port Talbot site near Swansea in South Wales, to remove an iron and slag overspill from the under-hearth cooling pipe work within one of the TATA Steel blast furnaces. Using a combination of Brokk 90 / 160 (robotically controlled demolition machine's) a team of Castle & Pryor operatives were scheduled to work three 24hr shifts to complete the task however with combined forward thinking and experienced operatives the project was completed in good time using only one of the 24 hour shifts required.

Castle & Pryor excelled at the safe and expedited removal of the iron and slag from around the cooling pipes within a tight and often awkward environment. We were delighted with the results and look forward to working with them again on projects in the future
Phil Santaana, Asset Improvement Manager Ironworks, Tata Steel.
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