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Serving all major energy suppliers including all Nuclear, Water, Gas, Electric and lessor known wind and solar utility companies. Castle and Pryor are experienced in providing a full range of diamond drilling, diamond cutting, diamond wire cutting and remote demolition services as required in general deconstruction to the more unusual deconstruction challenges. Understanding the irregular environments and experienced in working within highly dangerous surroundings our operatives are qualified and extensively trained in Health and Safety protocol in various sectors within Energy Industry.


In the nuclear energy sector we have been commissioned to provide consultancy services and completed works on numerous projects. This has included work required at Hinkley Point B nuclear power station in Somerset where adherence to extremely high health and safety standards were required. We were called upon to remove a culvert that channelled water for the cooling system. At Bradwell nuclear power station, located in Essex we were asked to consult during the decommissioning of the plant in 2006. Magnox the client, required the removal of steel from boilers and associated steel pipes to provide core steel samples. Using their own dedicated on site expert technicians we supported the team by creating a methodology to achieve the Magnox objective and work was completed successfully over several weeks. Using a rota broach mag-drill, which is an electro-magnetic drilling system to magnitise to the steel for diamond core drilling, several samples throughout the site were removed and holes were reinstated to the required safety levels.


Within the utilities sector we have provided services to the Gas, Electric and Water companies. Delivering a mix of diamond drilling, diamond cutting, diamond wire cutting, diamond wire sawing and Brokk demolition.

In Oxford at the Briars Nose water pumping station we were required to cut and isolate 2 sections of cast iron water pipe that was 450mm in diameter located in 3 metre deep trench and a second pipe within an enclosed pumping chamber. To achieve this we used 2 hydro stress diamond wire saws with hydraulic power packs and autonomous three phase generators. View our case study for more details.

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