Waterloo Controlled Demolition - Removal of Underground Walls and Concrete Stairs at Waterloo

YJL infrastructure


Diamond Drilling Below Walls
  • Remote Demolition Isolation and removal of 2 obsolete concrete staircases and 5 sections of supporting wall beneath the stations concourse enabling the construction of underground pedestrian walk-ways.
  • Sizes of sections for removal up to 10 metres wide and 2 metres thick.
  • Cavity drilling into brick and concrete foundations above and below condemned areas to facilitate the insertion of supporting steel frames prior to wall and staircase removal.
  • Holes created up to 700mm wide and 3500mm deep. Removal of waste material.
  • Strict adherence to railway operational and safety procedures.
  • Installation and utilisation of air extraction equipment.
  • Use of zero/low emission plant and machinery.
  • Limited time frame for completion of work.
  • Operation on-going alongside other works.


  • High frequency electric drilling rig deployed to bore holes above and below condemned wall areas.
  • Electric wire saw applied to accurately isolate wall sections prior to removal.
  • Electrically powered, remotely operated Brokk demolition robot used to break out isolated wall sections.
  • Debris sorted and removed.

Key Benefits



  • Use of zero-emission machines to prevent air contamination of work area.
  • Equipment operated remotely negating operative hand and arm vibration.
  • Debris sorted on site and removed for recycling.
  • Fresh air circulated through out work zone.


  • Project completed on budget.
  • Isolation and removal of wall sections more precise and efficient than manual-based alternatives.
  • Specialist equipment deployed owned and operated by Castle & Pryor, ensuring fixed costs and qualified, experienced operators.


  • Project completed on time.
  • Removal of staircase and wall sections more expeditious than other techniques.

Client Comment
Thank you for all your effort over the past few months. You should be very proud of what you have achieved"
L. A. Senior Programme Manager Network Rail

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