London's Heathrow Airport Concrete Breaking and Removal

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  • Isolation and removal of 280m² of concrete hard standing located adjacent to baggage handling facility.
  • Isolation and removal of separate concrete floor section 70m long and 800mm wide to facilitate the construction of new external wall.
  • Drilling, cutting and removal of floor sections within the building to allow the insertion of 5 new column bases and 35 bollards.
  • Concrete sections between 110mm and 400mm thick.
  • No over cutting allowed.
  • Autonomous power supply required.
  • Process to accommodate existing subterranean utility pipes, including fire mains supply pipe.
  • Staff, equipment and operation to be approved by British Airports Authority and Department of Transport.
  • Strict adherence to airport security and safety procedures.
  • Limited time frame for completion of project.
  • Operation on-going alongside other contractors.
  • Minimal disruption to baggage handling facility's day to day activities.


  • Floor saw, equipped with diamond-tipped blades up to 900mm in diameter, deployed to cut and isolate concrete areas.
  • 110v electric drill used to 'stitch drill' corners of concrete sections to prevent over cutting of floor.
  • Concrete sections broken up and removed by an electrically powered remote controlled demolition robot.
  • Stand-alone three phase generators utilised to provide machinery with autonomous power.
  • Use of qualified, experienced staff with modern equipment.

Key Benefits



  • Demolition robot operated remotely negating operative hand and arm vibration issues.
  • Debris sorted on site and removed for recycling.


  • Project completed on budget.
  • Negligible disruption to baggage hall operation negating unnecessary stoppages.
  • Specialist equipment owned and operated by Castle and Pryor ensuring fixed costs and qualified, experienced operators.


  • Project completed on time.
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