Brokk Demolition - Crane Base Removal at Westminster Plaza London

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GEAR Concrete Crane Base Removal
  • Controlled demolition deconstruction of 2 concrete crane bases and their supporting piles.
  • Bases 2m high and 4m².
  • Total of 8 supporting columns 9m tall and 1.2m² running 2 floors below ground level.
  • Bases and piles made from reinforced concrete.
  • Deconstruction without disruption to adjacent utility pipes and cables.
  • Restricted access to bases and piles.
  • Time limit of 10 working days to remove each base and associated supporting piles.


  • Deployment of 4 electrically powered, remotely operated Brokk demolition robots equipped with rapid-fire concrete hammers.
  • Concrete broken out using Brokk robots and residual steel cut free with gas axe.
  • Use of hydraulically driven wire saw to cut supporting piles into sections and lift from subterranean levels before deconstruction.
  • Material sorted and removed from work area using skid-steer loader.
  • Equipment tested and positioned prior to work commencing.
  • Water-based dust suppression equipment used during deconstruction of structures.

Key Benefits

GEAR -crane-base-demolition-brokk-robots


  • Use of zero-emission machines to prevent carbon monoxide contamination of operating area.
  • Equipment operated remotely negating operative hand and arm vibration issues.
  • Debris sorted on site and removed to be recycled.


  • Operations utilised minimal space allowing development to continue with negligible disruption.
  • Project completed on budget.
  • Specialist equipment owned and operated by Castle and Pryor ensuring fixed costs and qualified, experienced operators.
  • Rapid-fire hammers faster at breaking concrete sections compared to traditional methods, thus expedites process and reducing costs.


  • Completed within time frame allocated.
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