Diamond Drilling, Stitch and Core Drilling Services

We provide masonry and concrete drilling services using only experienced and fully qualified diamond drilling engineers, collectively we have over 125 years of combined knowledge in diamond drilling and diamond cutting in London and throughout the UK. 

Within the diamond drilling sector diamond drilling and diamond cutting is regarded as a highly specialised service, as more than often precise results are required to meet the challenges faced on construction projects.    

Diamond drilling is a quiet and non-percussive way of forming holes and openings varying in size from 6.0 mm -1.200 mm in diameter, by using wet or dry drilling technique's precise holes can be made through all types of base materials. The precise nature of diamond drilling means that accuracy can be delivered to overcome constraints often associated with refurbishment projects and new developments. In addition we have at our disposal a variety of drill motors which come in multiple sizes, attached to a multitude of different types of rigs, which are powered namely by: electric, petrol, or diesel.

Diamond drilling technology as a whole has advanced at a rapid pace so much so all industries have benefited from its achievements, with trailer mounted rigs, hand-held drill motors, twin column assemblies and automated rigs its versatility as become a universal problem solver. Other aspects of diamond drilling may be that you want to form an opening rather than an individual  hole, this can be achieved by linking the holes together known as stitch drilling often used when forming holes for services and the like.   

Benefits of Diamond Drilling

  • Non percussive significantly reducing HAV's.
  • Free from bursting & spoiling.
  • Requires little or no reinstatement work.
  • Clean environment by attaching water & dust controls.
  • Forms holes where the size of shape if abnormal.
  • Variety of materials - reinforce concrete, mass concrete, brick masonry and block work.

See Diamond Drilling In Action